Tuesday, 17 July 2018


The warm weather continued last week and people began praying for rain.

Their prayers were answered on Sunday when the skies finally clouded over and the rain arrived.

Farmers were particularly pleased as land had become parched and there were major concerns over the conditions of crops and cattle.

Local water boards were also relieved as reservoirs had began running low.

Trips to the seaside were cancelled and the barbecues packed away. Weather-wise, normal service seemed to have been restored.

And then, plodding up along Main Street in the rain, came a rather forlorn figure wearing a pair of large khaki shorts with white trainers and purple socks pulled up to his knees. A white tee shirt, several sizes too small, revealed his ample paunch and generous girth. A straw hat and dark sunglasses completed the ensemble.

“Will we ever again see a bit of sun?” he said, dripping water as he passed by.

Some people are never satisfied.

And tourists passing through on Sunday morning must have been somewhat bemused by the proliferation of Limerick and Kerry flags that fluttered from buildings along Main Street. Perhaps we should erect a sign at Mountamahon. “You Are Know Entering Free Kerry.”

Some locally confused GAA fans support Kerry in the hurling and Limerick in the football. (I know its the other way around – just checking to see if you are still awake!)

It is easy to follow a victorious team. Back when Manchester Utd were winning all around them, there were local fans coming out of the woodwork. Many of them have long since disappeared.

Limerick had a brilliant win over Kilkenny. They play Cork next and are now true contenders for All Ireland honours.

Kerry stumbled against Galway but will recover. An All Ireland final against Dublin is still a probability.

Kerry and Limerick flags could be flying high over Abbeyfeale again, come September!

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