Tuesday, 25 September 2018


The Listowel Races are barely over but already the Rás for the Áras is up and running with candidates almost falling over each other to secure entry to this prestigious event.

And who could blame them? The winner will live rent-free in a palatial palace and receive a generous salary plus expenses. Job security is guaranteed for seven to fourteen years with a golden handshake and a lavish pension promised at the end of it all.

The hours are flexible with plenty of time for relaxing in the back garden which just happens to be the Phoenix Park. There, you can practise your swing and hone your golfing skills, secure in the knowledge that the general public are paying for it all.

And of course you will have free tickets to the All Ireland finals every year and even get to walk out on to the hollowed turf in Croke Park and shake hands with the players, many of whom probably never voted for you in the first place.

You will be expected to entertain visiting dignitaries at the Áras and accept invitations to visit faraway lands that you may never have heard of. You must never express an opinion on poverty, homelessness, Brexit or the decline in the quality of good porter in some rural establishments. Your position as President places you above such common matters.

They say that with great power comes great responsibility. You will have little power and even less responsibility.

But at least if it all goes wrong, nobody can say it was your fault!

                                           Kubrick By Candlelight.

“In 1973 Stanley Kubrick came to Ireland and brought the British Army with him!”

Last Monday night RTE 2 screened an award-winning short film entitled “Kubrick By Candlelight,” a light-hearted romp behind the scenes of Kubrick’s classic film, Barry Lyndon, which was filmed in Ireland in 1973 and starred Ryan O’Neill.

In the closing credits on Monday night, eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted that local film maker, Steve Fennelly, was named as Art Director.

Steve runs his own media company, Strangelight Media, which deals mainly with corporate and commercial videos. He has been involved in several short and feature-length films and also in some current television programmes. Samples of his work can be viewed online at strangelightmedia.com.


                        HARNETT REUNION INTERNATIONAL:

A meeting will take place in St. Ita’s Hall, Abbeyfeale on Thursday, September 27 at 8.30pm to discuss plans for an International Harnett Reunion to be held in July 2019. Everyone welcome.


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