Tuesday, 8 January 2019


Send me the pillow that you dream on.

Don’t you know that I still care for you.

Send me the pillow that you dream on,

So darling I can dream on it too.

                                                                 (Hank Locklin)

It was a typical Sunday night. The dancehall was packed. Couples waltzed and jived around the floor to the music of Bunny Dalton and his band. Dates were being kept, matches made and hearts being broken under the rotating lights of the giant mirror ball.

The music stopped and couples dispersed. A slow waltz was called and Mike Joe joined the throng of lads that dashed across no man’s land to secure a dancing partner.

He spotted Mary Ann out of the corner of his eye and made a beeline for her, arriving just ahead of a beefy rugby player who was on a similar mission.

“Will you dance?” he asked breathlessly. She smiled and stepped out on to the floor and away with the two of them, she gliding effortlessly around the room and he stumbling awkwardly after her.

He liked Mary Ann. He liked her a lot, but could never summon up the courage to tell her.

He would ask her to dance every Sunday night and she always obliged. They never talked much. He tried to concentrate on his dancing and not to step on her toes. She asked how he was and how he was enjoying the night. He mumbled something in reply. Conversation was never his strong point, especially with girls.

When the dance ended she would thank him and then pause a moment as if expecting something more. He wished he could prolong that moment but his nerve always failed him and he turned slowly away.

However, on this particular night, he finally decided to take his courage in both hands and try and progress matters a little further.

“Would you like a mineral?” he asked, closing his eyes and holding his breath.

There was no reply. He opened his eyes again and looked at her but she had disappeared! And so had the hall, the band and the dancers! He was lying on the flat of his back in the bed gazing up at the ceiling. It had all been a dream.

He got out of bed and washed and shaved, still thinking about the dream. It has been very sharp and very realistic. His one regret was that he would never know if she had agreed to accompany him to the mineral bar.

He was walking up Main Street later that morning when who should he bump in to only the lovely Mary Ann! They stopped and exchanged pleasantries.

“I had a dream about you last night.” Mary Ann said with a mischievous smile.

Mike Joe was gobsmacked!

“I hope it wasn’t a nightmare.” he joked, to cover his confusion.

“Not at all.” replied Mary Ann. “We had the usual dance and then sat down and had a mineral before you walked me home.”

“I walked you home! How did that go?”

“Ah now, Mike Joe,” she answered with a laugh “what happens in a dream, stays in a dream. Lets just say that we took the long way around.”

And with another laugh, she turned and continued on down the street.

“Well, feic it.” said Mike Joe, gazing after her. “I woke up too soon!”

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